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Looking to connect with your audiences through short form video content and live streaming?

We can help.

FREIM can assist you in navigating the online video world, connecting you with creators, providing strategy and crafting amazing campaigns. We know how to connect with audiences and have extensive knowledge of ecommerce, social media platforms, content creation, branding, PR and more.

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At FREIM we are passionate about working with people who love what they do. We know the best results come from those who are excited with their work and pride themselves on creating amazing content. We enjoy collaboration – joining together the best of the best to generate incredible results



What can
we offer?

  • Creation and execution of TikTok launch campaigns.
  • Support in building a brand profile on TikTok.
  • Short form video advert content creation.
  • Development of a creative campaign with online creators.
  • A range of training workshops in live streaming, short form video and ecommerce for brands.

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