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Everything starts with an incredible team!

- Team -

People are at the heart of what we do, so we wanted to introduce you to the team behind FREIM:

Carmen Muley

Carmen who was born in sunny southern Spain lives and breathes traveling, business and fashion. She is an avid explorer, foodie and is always curious about learning new things. She speaks five languages!

Her background is in Business and Law, but her love for fashion allowed her to work as a model for several international brands such as Clinique or Sketchers.

She lived in different countries like Germany or China, where she spent seven years.

In 2015 she experienced working as a Live Streamer for the first time at Zhanqi TV and in 2016 she was one of the hosts for Aliexpress’ first ever 11/11 Live Streaming Shopping festival in Spain and LATAM that was streamed on YouTube!

A few years later, in mid 2018 she got curious about e-commerce and online sales and launched Mindfulness-HOP Activewear. Oh yes, she also did quite some Live Streaming on IG for her brand before Live Shopping was even a thing!

Carmen set up Izzy Agency in Shanghai in late 2019, a talent agency that would help foreign companies with their events and trade shows in China, as well as all things fashion and advertising, such as photoshoots, catwalks or TVCs. Some of her clients were Alibaba, Mercedes Benz, Arla, Midea, FiaWEC, Hangzhou Fashion Week, Model China, EDC and IFDM, just to mention a few! Now Izzy Agency recently turned into a Digital Marketing, Events and Merchandising agency located in Madrid, where she resides since late 2021.

She is also an online business mentor and has worked with several brands in China, Bali and Sri Lanka as a travel and fashion influencer. Along with her passion for traveling, business and fashion, Carmen is always up for a great work out, a yoga session or a nice brunch at one of the trendiest cafes in town!

Ran Ge
Client Lead &
Commercial Director

Following a 20 year period living and travelling in western countries, Ran helped co-found The Honey Partnership group of agencies. Progressing from finance and investment banking Ran now specialises in helping Chinese companies grow and globalise in the WEU, UK and US.

Although focused on marketing communications today, Ran has experience in live streaming, retail, sales and customer engagement. He has consulted and advised more than 80 Chinese companies on how to grow their business outside China.

His client experience includes names such as: Alibaba, Huawei, Xiaomi, Arashi Vision (Insta360), ByteDance (TikTok), cctv.com, XGIMI, Cheetah Mobile, China Unicom, Haier, Hikvision, RELX, TCL, Huobi and Li-Ning.

Ran’s personal interests lie in cooking. As a chef Ran embraces eastern and western culture and cuisines. He understands the tastes of different audiences and knows how to appeal to individuals across the world.

Leanne Fitz
Digital Producer and UN SDG Evangelist

After completing her Masters in Digital Marketing and Channel Management at the University of Surrey, Leanne joined FREIM studio as a Digital Producer.

With a passion for digital content and the world of social media, Leanne has connected with dozens of creatives to make stuff happen.

When the opportunity to also work as a UN SDG Evangelist arose, Leanne jumped at the chance. The UN SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals, highlight 17 key aspects of development which are key to FREIM’s morals – including combating climate change and ensuring workplace inclusion. Leanne works at supporting these goals and hopes that one day all companies will do the same.

In her personal life, Leanne is an avid archer and competes in events and competitions – she knows how to keep things on target and hit gold.

Nat Cortazar
Comms Director & Board Member

Born and bred in the north of Spain, Nat was the first woman in her family to go to University. With a background in Digital Marketing and Fashion she started working in influencer marketing before the term was officially coined.

Nat has over 8 years of experience working in the influencer sphere, having worked for companies such as Amazon Fashion, Publicis Media and Freuds in London. In early 2020 she set up The Good Egg, an influencer marketing international boutique agency with offices in Madrid, London and Kuala Lumpur. Their clients include Hackett, Pepe Jeans, Pret a Manger, TikTok and Oppo.

Nat is also an Influencer Marketing lecturer (University of Edinburgh, Elle Education – Mindway, SAE Digital Sciences, General Assembly) and was recently awarded Best Influencer Marketing teacher of the year by her students at Elle Education. She was also listed as ‘One to Watch’ on #Influencer50 2019 list by Talking Influence.

An avid tattoo lover, a yogi and a serial traveller (even though she only flew for the first time aged 14!), Nat lives between London and Madrid, combining the best of both worlds and bringing a british-latino perspective to everything she does. To Nat, culture is everything.

Sharmayne Anandarajah
Project Director & Board Member

Sharmayne made the decision to move to London from her home city of Kuala Lumpur over seven years ago to pursue her dreams in the creative and fashion industry. She is Malaysian of Chinese and Sri Lankan ethnicity – Malaysia being a multi-racial melting pot of Asia, Sharmayne is multilingual.

Being an alumni of the London College of Fashion, one of the leading centres of fashion education in the world, she began her creative career in the Fashion and Beauty Digital PR industry before Influencer Marketing was officially a thing. Working in-house and with the likes of brands such as L’Oreal Luxe, Debenhams and Marie Claire. Sharmayne used this to lead her way into working in the Influencer Marketing industry, now with over five years worth of experience in the sector. Previously at Freuds and Kindred, Sharmayne currently leads a team of talented individuals and is a project manager at The Good Egg, an international boutique influencer marketing agency working with clients such as Pret, Hackett, Pepe Jeans, OPPO, and Photobox.

Sharmayne also being a certified fitness trainer herself, you can find her in the gym every morning smashing out circuit training sessions.