A recap of our time at dMEXCO 21st-22nd September 2022



We headed to Germany to attend the Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference in Köln at the end of September


As well as having our own booth which allowed us to network and show attendees the joys of live shopping in person, our CEO Carmen Muley gave a talk on Skyrocketing your online sales with Live Shopping (available to watch at the bottom of the page). As Carmen spoke, attendees had the chance to experience real-time on their phones what a live shopping show is, what it looks like, and how it works. This has never been done before and on top of that, the results were amazing!


During the 18-minute talk, only 12 minutes of which was actually a live shopping show:

– 41% of viewers registered their information (became new leads),
– 31% engaged in polls, surveys or commented
– 7% added items to their cart.
– Average of 8.55 minutes watched per viewer


And just to make it a bit more interesting and demonstrate that this was a next-level kind of thing, we didn’t show any physical products on screen, they were all services (and definitely not cheap!).

Now imagine that we work with your brand and we create a bit of a longer live shopping show tailored specifically for your consumers. Can you picture the results? Of course you can! 


Check out our recap video and images below!



Check out Carmen’s full talk courtesy of ©Koelnmesse.

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